No photos allowed in LMRC Lucknow Metro- A Myth

No photos allowed in LMRC Lucknow Metro- A Myth

Taking the camera while traveling in LMRC Lucknow Metro is no longer prohibited. Those who come with a still camera or video camera will be allowed to travel on the train, but to do photography or videography in Lucknow Metro, it necessary to take permission from LMRCL Authorities.

Metro officials have taken this decision because most of the people visiting have a camera. Many times there are also professional travelers, who have to go from one place to another with a camera Such people do not have to do photography in metro premises or trains.

In such a situation, stopping them means stopping them from traveling. After this, instructions have been given to the security personnel that those who only carrying cameras should not be stopped to enter the metro premises.

Shooting in LMRC Lucknow Metro:

lmrc lucknow metro camera

It will be allowed to shoot inside metro stations or trains, but this permission will have to be taken as per the film policy of the metro. For this, two lakh rupees per hour will have to be paid for a shoot at a train or station. An option of Rs 3 lakh per hour has been kept for the option of the shoot at both places. Metro will give 60 minutes to complete the additional setup. On the other hand, if there is extra time, it will work on the imposition of penalty on an hourly basis.

Strictly Not Allowed with LMRC Security Personals:

Metro’s Safety Commissioner IS Rawat told that people are still doing photography from their mobiles. It is very difficult to stop them. In such a situation, after talking to the officials, now things are being prevented from taking photos which are sensitive due to security. These include security guards, luggage scanners, and metal detectors. Their photography or selfie with them will not be allowed.

Film Policy of Lucknow Metro:


No.Booking ForBooking Fee (Hour)
1Priority Corridor (Between Transport Nagar & Charbagh)INR 2,00,000
2Inside Metro StationINR 2,00,000
3Both at Metro Station and Metro TrainINR 3,00,000
LMRC Booking Rate

Following Terms And Conditions to be followed for shooting in Lucknow Metro:

1       Production Company shall be responsible to obtain any / all permissions from all other concerned agencies/ statutory approval, wherever required.

2       The timing of the event has to be agreed in advance and must be strictly adhered to and not be changed except with the prior approval of the LMRC.

3       In case of any loss and/or damage caused to LMRC’s property, the applicable amount will be deducted from the security deposit or charged additionally in case it exceeds the security amount.

4       It shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant to clean up debris or any garbage material or any housekeeping activity, created and/or brought in by the applicant. Any costs incurred by LMRC due to the negligence or failure of the applicant in this regard shall be deducted from the security deposit of the applicant or charged additionally in case it exceeds the amount of the security deposit.

      All persons of the applicant’s team shall carry entry badges at the time of the event and the same will be issued by the PR department.

6       LMRC at all times retains the right to halt any activity that is deemed to adversely impact the safety and security of Metro operations, personnel, and property without any intimation to the applicant.

7       LMRC reserves the right to restrict the number of persons and the type of equipment entering the metro station for this activity.

8       The company/production house may use film, video, and photographs shot at LMRC only for the purpose stated in the application form. The images/footage should not be used for any other purpose without written permission from LMRC.

9       LMRC shall not be held responsible for any loss either direct or indirect, liabilities, bodily injuries, deaths, losses, lawsuits, claims, demands, fines, damages, costs, and expenses that are caused to the applicant organization and or by any participant of the event.

10     Filming or Photo or Video in any manner with or without intention should not be used to project a negative image of LMRC.

11     There should not be any inconvenience to the daily commuters at the time of the event.

12     Display of any sort of advertisement in the Metro premises, including trains, will not be permitted during the course of any permitted event.

13     The proposed activities shall not hamper the operational activities or cause any inconvenience to the passengers.

14     During the entire filming/shooting in Lucknow Metro, the safety and security of the agency/production house shall be their own and LMRC will not take any safety/security responsibility of the agency’s personnel/production house/machine/equipment/camera, etc. during the event. 

15     The Safety/Security Team of the agency/production house will have to work in close coordination with the LMRC Safety/Security Team and will have to follow the instructions and guidelines thereof.

More Details Of Lucknow Metro Shooting Policy can be found on their Official Website.

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